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Supporting Bali WISE

Supporting Bali WISE

As the owner of Mimi+Marge, I care deeply about our community in Bali. If you have had a look around our website, you will see that Bali WISE is a not-for-profit program near and dear to my heart. I am a proud supporter of this organization that is breaking the cycle of poverty, one woman at a time.

Bali WISE’s mission statement is:
To empower young, marginalized Indonesian women through skills education as a means to break the poverty cycle and develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

Parts of Indonesia are still mired in subsistence poverty and families with limited resources tend to favour educating their sons over their daughters. There is also no safety net. None.

If you are my friend, you know that I will hit you up for money for a deserving cause. It warms my heart that you always come forward, women helping to lift other women up. Nothing makes me happier than when we get together and make this happen.

Your donations provide young women in Bali with opportunities they otherwise would not have. The graduates of Bali WISE work in various jobs, with a focus on hospitality. Bali's tourism is a source of good income for many. Nearby hotels do an amazing job of creating internships for Bali WISE trainees, which lead to many being hired.

Over 1600 young women have been educated through Bali WISE with an impressive employment rate of 87%. Here are some letters from the young women that have graduated.

You can donate to Bali WISE here. Even $25.00, combined with the donations of others who care, can change the lives of so many.