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Jewellery 'Dipped in Gold'. What do the terms mean?

Jewellery 'Dipped in Gold'. What do the terms mean?

I recently saw on an Instagram post that advertised jewelry that was 'dipped in gold'. I was confused by the terminology and clicked the shopping button to see what that meant. Upon further reading, buried deep, I finally found the information I was looking for. It was noted that the item was a common base metal with a thin plating of 'gold'. The proper term for this is ‘gold plated’ which is jewelry made of brass, copper, or low-end metal and plated with a layer of gold. 

This kind of misleading language bothers me as much as the greenwashing of products does. Customers should have clarity on what they are purchasing and how it is produced. It is especially egregious to hide information that could lead to an allergic reaction; someone who has a metal allergy may not realize what they are getting because of a cleverly worded product description. At Mimi+Marge we choose to be transparent about the materials we use.

Here at Mimi + Marge, we only use Vermeil Gold. Vermeil is gold plating over sterling silver; both are precious metals and are considered hypoallergenic. Vermeil keeps the look of gold, but the cost is not as prohibitive as solid gold. This way we can create quality pieces at an accessible price point. 

It is possible that the gold platting may wear off in high contact areas over time; we recommend that you clean and store your jewelry carefully. The best way to care for your Mimi + Marge is to store it in an airtight bag as the silver slowly oxidizes when exposed to air. Always say NO to any type of chemical to clean your jewellery. A soft polishing cloth will do the trick. Give it a gentle rub and it will sparkle like new!