Bali Silversmiths

Artisan - a person who makes a distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods. -

Our silversmiths are at the heart of what we do. They construct each piece by hand, one by one, slowly and with careful attention to detail. Their skills bring the designs of Mimi + Marge to life – they make the vision a reality.  

Two of our silversmiths, Yasin and Yahkik

Our silversmiths learn as apprentices. They are taught by mentors, often a family member or neighbour. They start their training with the laborious job of polishing. Then, under the watchful eye of a master silversmith, they begin to learn the trade. Traditional Balinese silversmithing is intricate and delicate by nature and takes many years to master. Our pieces are not just the result of hours of work by a silversmith, but also of those years of dedicated study. 

The intricate work Balinese silversmiths are known for can be seen especially well in our Kebaikan collection, where we have combined established technique with current design. Every dot and wire is soldered on by hand, slowly taking shape. These pieces take incredible skill and a strong focus.

Kebaikan Hoop Silver+ Gold Earrings 

My favourite part of working with our silversmiths is collaborating to find new ideas as we mix a modern aesthetic with traditional Balinese silversmithing. Cooperation is key to our business. Two of our partners, Made and Kadek, have worked with us since the very beginning, when I travelled around in a bright green taxi looking for suppliers with my tiny box of samples. They are the makers of many of the Classic Mimi + Marge series. You can see an IG reel of their home here. Beyond making my designs a reality, they have also helped me learn about different silversmithing techniques. A personal favourite of mine is working with silver and wood. This technique, seen in our Sono Wood collection, involves forging the silver while keeping the wood intact. 

Outside of the studio, I enjoy learning about the daily lives and traditions of our Balinese partners. A visit to Bali always includes a trip to their home. And hopefully a meal of traditional Indonesian food!

Creating our Paku Necklace