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Mimi + Marge is all hand made in Bali. We work with local silversmiths and everything is created by hand. Many of you have been to Bali, and if you have not, put it on your list. Bali can be everything you want it to be. Snorkeling off the coast in the North, cultural Ubud, trendy 5 star Seminyak, hipster Canggu or a traditional village where you are one of the only tourists. You can pick what you want.

Religion and tradition are a major part of life in Bali. This makes festivals and ceremonies almost commonplace. They beauty of the many ceremonies is one to witness. Temples (Pura) are everywhere, as are the daily offerings (canang sari) that can be seen on every entrance.

Bali has been a popular tourist destination. While this can often become overwhelming, it also means that you can easily navigate the island. The pace is slow, the beauty is never ending and days and days of warm sun make it a perfect place to visit! Put it on your list.