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The Joy of Balinese Cuisine

The Joy of Balinese Cuisine

Bali, my second home, is one of the most popular destinations in the world with good reason. It is rich in so many ways – culture, scenery – and the food is no exception. Balinese cuisine, made from scratch with local ingredients, is pure heaven. Simple traditional food is abundant, and vegetarians are well taken care of.

When in Bali, I start my day with a trip to my local ‘Kaki Lima’ before heading to the studio. Translated literally, ‘Kaki Lima’ means ‘Five Feet’. I have asked some native speakers what the history is behind this name, and no one can agree. It is a term used for the carts used by street food vendors. They are small, mobile carts with a propane cooktop and a prep area. Rows of shelves hold bowls, each one heaping with a different dish. When ordering from these carts you start with a small paper bowl containing rice, a staple of Balinese cuisine, and then pick from the wide array of ingredients to add. Top it with a fried egg and homemade sambal (chillies) and your day starts out right!


This photo is of the food cart I visit every morning. Everyday there are different dishes, all freshly prepared.

Here is an example of my breakfast, although I am usually enjoying it too much to take photos!